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James M. McAdams

Pierry & McAdams, LLP
302 W 5th Street, Suite #304
San Pedro, California 90731
(310) 834-2691
(310) 518-5814

James M. McAdams was admitted to the California Bar as a lawyer in 1975, joining the firm of Magana, Cathcart, McCarthy & Pierry, out of which Pierry & Moorhead, LLP evolved.

Mr. Mc Adams has specialized in personal injury litigation and workers' compensation claims throughout his career. In addition, Mr. McAdams has successfully represented numerous clients in Social Security disability claims.

Mr. McAdams has handled more claims under the Longshore Act, under the State Labor Code and in civil Courts, than virtually any other lawyer in California. Several of the appeals handled by Mr. McAdams on behalf of injured workers under the Longshore Act have resulted in creation of new, favorable law for injured workers. He represents ship repair workers, Jones Act seamen, fishermen, FELA railroad workers, outer continental shelf oil workers, defense base workers, and many other workers as well.